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SINGLE: The Violence ARTIST: Rise Against

It's been nearly three years since Chicago punk heavyweights Rise Against released new music, but late last week we finally got a teaser of what's to come from their upcoming eighth studio album 'Wolves' - epic new single 'The Violence' shows the band at is riffy best, while showcasing their trademark social conscience.

In contrast to the self-examination on their previous chart-topper 'The Black Market' (2014), 'Wolves' is set to be a guns-blazing middle finger to oppression, with lead singer Tim McIlrath offering up insight into the impending album: "In many ways, a Rise Against show is a safe space for our fans. But I realized that I don't only want to create safe spaces, I want to create dangerous spaces where misogyny can't exist, where xenophobia can't exist. I want to create spaces where those sentiments don't have any air, and they suffocate: where those ideas die. WOLVES isn't about creating a safe space, it's about creating a space that's dangerous for injustice."

Recorded far from home in Nashville, Tennessee, the album is set to balance the band's blistering sound fans know and love with hot-button issues - and if 'The Violence' is any indication, 'Wolves' is going to be an explosion of hardcore delights.

Have a listen to 'The Violence' below:

SINGLE RELEASE DATE: April 20th, 2017 - available HERE ALBUM RELEASE DATE: 'Wolves' is due out June 9th, 2017 through EMI Australia, pre-order HERE

GENRE(S): Punk Rock/Melodic Hardcore BY TIANA SPETER

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