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  • Tiana Speter




Feeling the cold weather already this winter? Well, Gippsland metalcore quintet ATLVS have got you covered with their red-hot EP 'Memoir' set to light your speakers and peripheral belongings on fire this Friday.


Marking the debut for the Victorian ATLVS lads, 'Memoir' came to life co-written, mixed and mastered by Ionei Heckenberg of Ocean Sleeper fame, and brings together a wealth of passion and blistering technique from the group out of Gippsland who formed just two years ago. And drawing on the concept of memory and the subjective nature of truth, 'Memoir' acts as a cathartic explosion of permeating angst and acerbic commotion, exploring various edges of the ATLVS playbook across the space of six tracks.

From the get-go, the name of the game for 'Memoir' is clearly metalcore, boasting harsh vocals, blasting drums and breakdowns for days. But while most Aussie metalcore bands of late have evolved to sound increasingly similar, there's a unique zest kicking across 'Memoir' that differentiates ATLVS into their own unique territory, as evidenced on opening track 'Epiphany' that clashes tones, thrashes riffs and crafts a huge tidal wave of some occasional djenty madness. Next up, 'Insinuate' busts out some especially bumping basslines, throwing in some melodics amid the huge wall of sound and a guest appearance from co-writer Ionei Heckenberg on vocals.


The remaining EP brings with it some unexpected moments (the post-rocky instrumental breather 'YVTH') and pure sonic rage ('MERCURY'), but it's in the heavier latter moments on 'Memoir' that we see ATLVS at their most confident with 'LOVE' and 'SICK'. From the thunderous and taut angst-fest of 'LOVE' that delves into a maelstrom of rage before careening into relief, to the slightly more melodic state of mind in closing track 'SICK', there's a healthy balance of madcap abrasion and engaging writing that would simultaneously delight fans seeking some complexity and endear the occasionally difficult-to-swallow aggressive tones to those normally unwilling to tread into the harder genres.


Gunning hard into their first EP release, ATLVS have leapt in deftly with roaring riffs with insightful introspection on 'Memoir', as frontman Jesse Buckhingham explains: "What we do in self preservation can often be misconstrued by those with less of an understanding of the events which inspired our stories and the lies we have all told ourselves to get through another sunrise. Throughout 'Memoir' there are songs that touch on anger, loss, regret, getting lost in what was and underestimating the damage that can be done if we hold for too long onto the beliefs we held in the past, and take too seriously the mistakes we have made. It is flawed, it is imperfect, but ultimately it is proof that we are accountable for our own shortcomings."

For a first release, there's a surprising amount of signature flair and self-awareness peeping throughout 'Memoir', with the ATLVS gents ultimately gifting a crushing call to arms in the pursuit of who you really are via some tense and taut metalcore.

ATLVS' 'Memoir' EP drops this Friday 14th June.

For more ATLVS info, including EP pre-orders, head HERE.



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