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about the soundcheck


Raised on a diet of classical music before evolving into a rock and metal-devouring machine, Tiana Speter has spent over 15 years working in creative fields, including the past 7+ years dominantly spent in the music industry.  

Establishing The Soundcheck, an independent music media website, in 2017, Tiana has evolved her professional gaze to include solely running a music media outlet and podcast series alongside freelance writing, social media management, website building and hosting for a range of companies and bands.

Specialising in the heavier realms, Tiana was brought on as a podcast host and journalist for The Music in 2021 amid the pandemic, before branching out as a solo agent. With current work writing for and operating PR campaigns for Dallas Does PR, Australia’s leading boutique heavy publicity company, Tiana’s work is also featured on Rolling Stone Australia, Music Feeds, Tone Deaf and The Music, and she has also been featured as the host of the official Good Things TV and Knotfest TV series in conjunction with Good Things Festival & Knotfest Australia respectively. In early 2024, Tiana was also featured as a guest heavy music expert on triple j's The Tally Room, and was a featured speaker at the Australian Women In Music Award's first ever Breaking Metal Barriers panel in 2023.


Over the years Tiana has interviewed the likes of Tom Morello, Duran Duran, Slipknot, Hans Zimmer, Megadeth, Sevendust, CHVRCHES, Ghost and countless other local and international acts.

With a comprehensive history in television production and music synchronisation, including 8+ years working for the Seven Network, Tiana’s creative background and passion brings sparkle to every project she takes on. Can she talk and write underwater? Yes, and she'll do it while drooling over riffs and making accidental puns.

Tiana/The Soundcheck specialises in heavier music - but everything & anything is welcome round these parts. At the end of the day, The Soundcheck praises three rules above all else:

Artist First. No Gatekeeping. Music Is Life.

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