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  • Tiana Speter

Women In Heavy Music Part Two: Rising Aussie Heavy Queens To Have On Your Radar


Back in February this year, The Soundcheck kicked off the Women In Heavy Music Series; an ongoing feature aimed at shining a light on some of the incredible women in the heavy scene. Round One of the series focused on women in heavy music primed to make waves in 2024, but today we're going local, featuring five incredible rising female artists in the Australian heavy scene you should have on your radar.

For a lot of you out there, there may be many on today's list you're already well and truly familiar with, and this is, of course, only but a few of the insanely talented artists out there making musical magic. But for those uninitiated or those wanting to branch out and potentially discover a new fave artist, come and dive into five local Aussie queens flying the flag and kicking absolute ass in the heavy scene. And keep an eye out for more to come from this series throughout 2024!


Part Two: Rising Aussie Heavy Queens To Have On Your Radar


Holding down lead vocalist and bassist duties for Brisbane alt metal rockers KRAVE, Siana Davis is a magnetic frontwoman capable of instilling equal parts ferocity and beauty into her performances and her potent musical output.

Equally in command of soaring clean vocals as she is with hurling in a good old fashioned growl, Davis's rockstar quality has been witnessed alongside the likes of Suicidal Tendencies and Avatar over the years, with Wall Of Sound previously declaring: "holy goodness are these guys talented. As a three-piece, they made just as much noise as the other bands who all had more members and their singer Siana Davis’ voice is chef’s kiss."

An inescapably genuine artist whose tenure with KRAVE has drawn inspiration from the likes of Pantera, Karnivool and Halestorm, Davis will once again dazzle alongside her bandmates next Friday 24 May with the release of a brand new single Charade; and it's definitely shaping up to be a huge year for the group as they look set to launch into an exciting new sonic chapter.

In the meantime, you can check out KRAVE's most recent singles, 2022's Midnight and Shapeshifting via their website, and here's hoping it won't be too long before we can witness this new material live in action.

For more KRAVE info, head here.



While Brisbane progressive metalcore group Aeon Nexus may have just released their debut single Twin Hurricanes, it certainly isn't the first rodeo for frontwoman Sam Wolstenholme.

Previously fronting the symphonic metal collective Seraphic, as well as being a tenured vocal coach, Wolstenholme's soaring pipes and musical journey stemmed from a momentous listening moment at the age of 15, experiencing Nightwish for the first time and ultimately discovering and immersing herself into the beautiful world of metal.

Now fronting a brand new project, Aeon Nexus, Wolstenholme has also flexed a brand new addition to her vocal repertoire in her new endeavours, with her harsh vocals on display with Twin Hurricanes alongside her pristine cleans. And if the recent live reviews from the band's debut shows are anything to go by, there's bound to be some more divine mayhem ahead in the not-too-distant future from this exciting new group.

If you're in Brisbane, you can catch Aeon Nexus headlining live this Sunday 19 May at The Brightside for Core To The Floor Vol. 1 with supports from Ocean Shores, Neuroticist and RVN/NT. Tix available here.

For more Aeon Nexus info, head here.



A band firmly on the up over the past few years, Mannequin Death Squad have perfected their "thrash-pop" brilliance since the duo of Elly Vex and Dan first started writing as teenagers.

For Elly, the road to rock'n'roll was sparked by listening to her mum sing along to Blondie on the way to school and hearing her sister playing along to Nirvana, with Elly ultimately evolving into a heavy force to be reckoned with, embodying a veritable sonic powder keg via her electrifying stage presence and fun yet ferocious heavy tunes perpetually laden with meaning.

Most recently, Mannequin Death Squad released a brand new single Safe and Warm, with the sensationally crushing track also boasting a collab with the criminally charismatic Brisbane rockers DZ Deathrays. A truly momentous team-up that brings enough chaos and delectable grit to sand off the paint of any walls near its vicinity, Safe and Warm will certainly be catapulting this pair to even greater heights in 2024 and beyond.

Mannequin Death Squad will be igniting stages at Bootleggers in Sydney on June 15th and at Bergy Bandroom in Melbourne on July 6th, grab a peek here for ticket info.

For more Mannequin Death Squad info, head here.



Currently featured as The Soundcheck's Mixtape Feature Artist, Melbourne metal outfit The Last Martyr bring a heady blend of metalcore, nu-metal and electro-hued rock, helmed by the magnetic stylings of frontwoman Monica Strut.

Wielding their trademark brand of cyber-pop metalcore, The Last Martyr straddle infectious melodics, soaring arrangements and sharpened brutality, with Strut masterfully oscillating between crystalline vocals and gutteral might. And whether adding their own neon-soaked gritty take on the 1999 Bomfunk MC's classic Freestyler or more recently baring their hypnotic fangs on their track Antidote, The Last Martyr are truly purveyors of innovation and crafting non-stop bangers.

Alongside fronting The Last Martyr, Strut is also a staple in the music industry, recently hosting Knotfest Australia's Knots Happening online news segments, as well as work as a music marketing and business coach, helping bands and music get their music heard.

With previous tours in their wake alongside Black Veil Brides, Sunk Loto and Story Of The Year, The Last Martyr are also now poised to unleash a brand new track The Nihilist next Friday 24 May, sharing its name with their upcoming The Nihilist Tour.

For ticket info and more THE LAST MARTYR happenings, head here.



A punk powerhouse with a booming solo and band dance card, Grace Drummond can roar and soar like nobody's business; and it's little wonder that LivewireAU once dubbed her as having "the biggest lungs in the business".

Steadily performing as a solo artist, Drummond is also renowned for fronting the rambunctious Victorian punk rock trio Something Something Explosion; a group who can spontaneously combust you where you stand and/or hurtle you back in time to the 90s with their riot-like charm and irresistible anthems.

Most recently turning heads on stage in Melbourne supporting none other than NOFX on their final Australian run, with Fat Mike himself posing side-by-side with Drummond in matching Bodyjar shirts, Something Something Explosion will also warm the stages this August for another iconic act, The Menzingers; and you'd better believe it'll be a night to result in sore necks and smiling faces.

Release-wise, Something Something Explosion have been a touch on the quiet front since releasing their absolute belter of an EP Propaganda Machine back in 2018. But with live shows and high-profile supports aplenty, including headline shows for Drummond's solo work, there is plenty to devour in the land of Grace Drummond's creativity.

For more Grace Drummond solo info, head here. For more Something Something Explosion info, head here.


Keep an eye out for more to come from the Women In Heavy Music Series soon!



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