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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Movements announce their new album & unleash a brand new tune!


It's official! Southern California post-hardcore quartet Movements have 100% confirmed their sophomore album No Good Left To Give will drop on September 18 via Fearless Records/Caroline Australia - and today they also have dropped a stunning animated video for the album's first single Don't Give Up Your Ghost.


Forming back in 2015, Movements have swollen to establish their trademark sound, balancing post-hardcore, emo, alt rock and even spoken word while garnering attention as reinvigorating the modern Emo revival and carving up 40 million total streams by 2020.

With a fair few years now in between tunes since their 2017 debut full-length Feel Something, Movements have swung into 2020, taking a shimmering and polished brush to their previous efforts and busting out the emotive-yet-glossy track Don't Give Up Your Ghost to ignite the journey to their second album release in just a few months time.

With a raw elegance and glassy restraint, Don't Give Up Your Ghost also comes bearing some particularly heavy thematics that addresses depression and hefty mental health aspects, but with an overarching sense of hope permeating the moody sentiments.

"It talks about depression and suicidal thoughts and tendencies...It's told from the perspective of a person who is dealing with a friend who confides that he or she has attempted to kill him or herself. However, this person has been there as well and has even made suicide attempts, too. The person tries to console the friend and let him or her know she's not alone. It's about not giving up when there's so much more the world can offer. Even though you're in a certain place right now, it doesn't mean you're going to be in the same place forever." - Patrick Miranda, vocals

And it's not just a new tune that we've been gifted with to accompany the announcement of the album No Good Left To Give dropping September 18; Movements have also unveiled a stunning animated video for Don't Give Up Your Ghost to feast your eyes on this weekend. Check out the new clip and vid below, and for more Movements info in the meantime, head here.






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