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  • Tiana Speter

EXCLUSIVE: The Gloom In The Corner Share Their End Of The World Soundtrack


Once again extending the ever-evolving Gloom Cinematic Universe (GCU), the upcoming new album Trinity from Melbourne "cinemacore" quartet The Gloom In The Corner spirals you into beautiful chaos, boasting supernatural themes, gleefully malicious metal and, at the album's heart, a love story viewed through the prism of how terrible love can be.

Packing their sophomore full length release with samples, orchestral flourishes and an eye-watering array of featured vocalists, including Monique Pym from Reliqa, Monica Strut from The Last Martyr, Ryo Kinoshita from Crystal Lake, Joe Badolato from Fit For An Autopsy, Lauren Babic from Red Handed Denial, Elijah Witt from Cane Hill and Amelia Duffield, aka TGITC vocalist Mikey Arthur's sister, Trinity is so much more than your average concept album; rather, it's a painstaking and unforgettable affair that vividly brings the fictional GCU world to life, heavy with lore and fantastical characters as they ready for battle in their next adventure. While covering dark thematics and narratives, the overarching mission statement from The Gloom In The Corner continues to be: "life's a little more fun when you can crack a smile". And for Trinity, that fact escalates to a new mantra: "Try to avoid the end of the world. But if you can' least spend it with a killer soundtrack."

While Trinity itself is a hefty and heroic soundtrack for the end of the world, we grabbed vocalist Mikey ahead of the upcoming album's release to share five tracks that would be on his own personal End Of The World Soundtrack. From cinema royalty to a TikTok fave and Ol' Blue Eyes himself - come check out Mikey's picks to soundtrack the end of the world below.


Ennio Morricone – The Ecstasy of Gold

Let's start with The Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone. I grew up on a lot of movie soundtracks, specifically Ennui Morricone, because my dad’s a huge spaghetti western buff. A lot of our sound is influenced by Ennio. And I think that still is my all-time favourite song, it’s just a beautiful song. Metallica started their set with it for a reason. And it’s always been a song that’s stuck with me, it’s just very “finale-esque” kind of song, for lack of a better term. I don’t think I could have done this list without Ennio.

Sarah Cothran – As The World Caves In

I’d also have As The World Caves In, the Sara Cothran cover. It just ties into that end of the world theme. And kind of like the Ennio Morricone thing, it’s just a beautiful kind of “finale” song, a hold your lover’s hand while the. bomb drops kind of song. I think it’s really cool, it’s one of the few TikTok songs that actually grabbed me as a song, and then I realized it was a cover and I listened to the original and I just come back to this cover.

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World

This one is more a meme song against me and my mates because we love to sing it in his style of vocals, but also - it’s just a great song! There’s not much through process behind it, it was just one of the ones that came into my mind, just that song in general is a great song. I think it’s a great world-ender.

Frank Sinatra – That’s Life

I’d also include That’s Life by Frank Sinatra as well, and there’s a specific reason why I’m including that song. It’s because it was a huge influence on the last track of our upcoming record Trinity, which is the sort of “world-ender” song. I was struggling to write the track Hail To The King on the album, and then I went and watched Joker and they finished the movie on that song. And I was like: “Fuck! This is just the perfect inspiration that I needed to write the last of this song!”.

My Chemical Romance – Desolation Row

Finally, I’ve got Desolation Row by My Chemical Romance, which is the song that sends out the Watchmen film from 2008. And I love My Chem, they’re my all-time favourite band, I’m not going to not include them! I have Frank Iero’s logo tattooed on my arm, he’s the main reason why I wanted to become a proper rhythm guitarist and probably why I continued playing guitar.









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