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  • Tiana Speter


Mothers lock up your daughters, it's round 4 of the Artist Spotlight and this time we're going west - yep, for the first time The Soundcheck is checking out Western Australia, and the spotlight is now firmly planted on Geraldton's punk rock guns Alex The Kid.


"Alex The Kid? Like the video game?" someone asks. Sure, if by video game you mean Geraldton's breakout skate punk kings who spent 2016 opening Triple J's legendary One Night Stand in their hometown, releasing a bunch of fierce new tunes and rocketing through their own national tour. Fast-forward to 2017 and these lovable hooligans have just come off supporting hardcore heavies Hellions in Perth, and just unleashed their catchy as hell single 'Untitled'. But it's no coincidence that these boys have hit their stride so quickly - their high voltage tracks and onstage antics make them the type of band you just want to hang out and chug beers with all night. And underneath the thrashy riffs and bangin hooks, their songwriting and production has rapidly evolved with each release - this is no novelty band, this is a group who can create some seriously clever music while shredding your face off.

So grab a beer, clear a mosh pit in your living room and get to know a bit more about the kids behind Alex The Kid.

  • NAME: Alex The Kid

  • LOCATION: Geraldton, WA

  • MEMBERS: Kadin - Drums James - Vocals Trent - Bass/Vocals Ross - Guitar Dale - Guitar

  • HOW DID YOU GUYS GET STARTED? We all knew each other for the most part in highschool. Ken, Trent and Kadin started the band after their old bands had finished up.

  • HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING? In early 2011 we first jammed as the above mentioned 3 piece. Played a few shows, did a little WA tour and shortly after Dale moved to Perth we added him on second guitar. We recorded 2 EPs, then a split 7inch with our mates Columbus before adding James as full time vocalist. We played countless shows, went on 2 full Australian tours and released our full length album with Pee Records. When Ken had made the tough decision to leave the band early this year, we enlisted Ross to fill the position and here we are.

  • INFLUENCES? Bands like Iron Chic, Hot Water Music, A Wilhelm Scream, Beastie Boys and so much more.


  • WHAT’S YOUR MOST MEMORABLE GIG? We played the Triple J One Night Stand in Geraldton in April last year. Absolutely mental crowd, played to thousands of people. Easily the biggest and best show we've ever done. Everything was run so well and it was honor to be a part of.

  • FAVOURITE ALEX THE KID SONG? DALE: 'Not For You'. The lyrics are so well written and hit home. Musically its fun to play but we've never done it live. Maybe soon boys?

  • WHAT ARE YOU GUYS CURRENTLY WORKING ON? ANYTHING NEW ON THE HORIZON? At the moment we're just getting more acquainted musically with our new guitarist Ross. He's an absolute shred lord so it's coming along well!

  • IF YOU WEREN'T PLAYING MUSIC, WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU BE DOING? Probably just our day jobs haha

  • IF ALEX THE KID HAD TO BE STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND WITH ONE OTHER ARTIST, WHO WOULD IT BE? Chilling Winston - they took us under their wing when we started out and instantly became friends. Such lovely dudes, I think its time for another reunion show!

  • PINEAPPLE ON A PIZZA, YES OR NO? Naaahhhh mate

  • CATS OR DOGS? Dogs Dogs Dogs! Maybe two cats because Trent and James love them. But Ross is allergic to cats. So dogs.

  • WOULD ALEX THE KID SURVIVE A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? Haha nah we'd be too busy partying to notice what was happening! Although James being a big ol' tough brickie, I think we'd be safe behind him

  • AND FINALLY, WHAT'S THE GREATEST SONG OF ALL TIME? John Farnham - You're the Voice. Absolute pearler, massive chorus, massive song all round really. You hear the first chords and everyone turns into a karaoke champion.

Do yourself a favour, go check out some of the links below to show the boys some love and find out where the party at:

INSTAGRAM: @alexthekidpunk



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