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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Love Science ARTIST: Kayso Grande

Brissie funk collective Kayso Grande have got the art of earth-shaking blues that move your soul and your shoes down to a science, and today they unleash their latest creation in the form of the funkadelic sophomore single 'Love Science'.

Coming to life in 2017 after a rehearsal at QUT in Kelvin Grove and a chance happening upon a pay phone advertisement, 'Love Science' sees Kayso Grande return fresh from their debut single 'When Will I Ever' with their eclectic mix of gritty blues and sinfully catchy grooves shining head to toe and better than ever with this latest release.

Taking the bull by the funkiest of horns, the swaggering quintet known as Kayso Grande have been swiftly charming the sonic pants off the live scene all over town, and 'Love Science' lovingly swoons with its sultry rhythms while also detailing the story of a pair of young lab techs and their bumbling and misguided attempts to explain their mutual love for one another - a tale inspired by frontman James Pryce-Davies and a trip home from from rehearsal one day: "I noticed an advertisement on a pay phone for the science center in South Bank. The sign read in bold red 'RETHINK SCIENCE. I thought 'Why would I need to rethink Science?', finding the command amusing. Now with the tune still in my head I started to brainstorm potential lyrics with a scientific theme. By the time I got to the Shafston Hotel bottle shop, I was writing the section which would become the song's chorus/bridge/refrain: 'Rethink my life, past and future combined. Rethink the present/ state of my mind Will you take me to hell, or the heavens above, gotta rethink Love... Love Science".

So whether you need to admit your feelings to your fellow lab tech co-worker or just fancy some seriously tasty tones, Kayso Grande have got the answer and more with 'Love Science', which you can wrap your ears around below right now!




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