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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Ain't Got You // ARTIST: Port Royal


Grab your best mate and tell 'em you love them with the jangly new jam 'Ain't Got You' from Brissie classic rock aficionados Port Royal.


Following up from their latest crisp and charming release 'Don't You Forget About Me', 'Ain't Got You' ups the pulse and punchy horns for the Brisbane quartet, marking a shift not only in the writing ranks with guitarist Liam Morton taking the songwriting lead, but also with the debut of Port Royal's new bassist Samuel Shepherd on the track.

Carving up a buoyant and conceptually uplifting bopper, 'Ain't Got You' is an affirming party anthem that doubles as a fun little reminder to take the time to appreciate the good people in your life, as Liam Morton explains: "When I wrote this song, I wanted to say that nothing matters if the people who are important in your life, aren’t there. I’d recently lost touch with someone very special to me, and I’d accepted that loss but it made me re-evaluate all the relationships in my life, my friends, my family...Life is lived to be shared, and I cherishevery moment I share with the people I love.”

'Ain't Got You' is yet another royally catchy outing for the Port Royal lads, and you can catch the love-fest in action with the rockin' quartet hitting the road starting next week to celebrate their brand new release. But before the live shows kick off, go call your mum, hug your bestie and crank up 'Ain't Got You' for some guaranteed good times. You can check out the track below, and for all over Port Royal info, head HERE.



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