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  • Tiana Speter



Bust out your dancing shoes and get set for an irresistible cavern of grooves; the debut single Compromise from Sydney ensemble Delaforce is a glossy dreamland of cranking bass and disco-funk, and today The Soundcheck is very proudly premiering this gem before its official release.


Featuring the stylings of bassist Dean Sutherland (Skunkhour) and guitarist/DJ Jonathan Butler, Sydney ensemble Delaforce first met while playing with soul overlord Mitchell Andersen, with a love for funk, rhythm and disco ultimately culminating in the pair teaming up to gift some grooves onto the masses. And with dancefloors officially becoming more of a reality post-2020 and the COVID Footloose-like restrictions, it seems fitting that Delaforce's debut single Compromise is a criminally catchy ball of girthy basslines, slinky grooves and silken vocals that brings together old-school disco and funk with a fresh and modern twist.

Bustling with chirpy guitars, pounding yet affable rhythmics and delicious textures, Compromise simultaneously nods to and upgrades the sultry lustre of funk and the dazzling syncopated disco wiles, with a four-to-the-floor showstopper that is equal parts effortless and engaging.


“Delaforce is about new and old, about combining the best of today with what has stood the test of time...Dean and I both love old-school disco and funk, but we started working together in EDM land, which we also love. Compromise grew from both. It started with the bass, which has a huge vibe by itself, but it just kept getting better as we brought in the vocal, synths and guitars. We think it is something really special.”

- Jonathan Butler Guitarist/DJ

“Compromise was the obvious choice for our first single...the groove was just so solid and fun to play, but when we added the vocal, it just took it to another world.

- Dean Sutherland (Bass)


Marking the first official release for the pair under the Delaforce moniker, Compromise has set a tantalising tone for future material from this dynamic duo's forthcoming EP. But before any new material drops into the world, come crank up the bass and get lost in this glitzy dancefloor delight below before Compromise officially releases digitally this Friday 16th April:






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