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  • Tiana Speter



Brisbane punks Worse For Wear continue to dish up boisterous buoyancy with their brand new track Happy unleashing this week - and today The Soundcheck is very proudly premiering the web version of this bad boy for your listening pleasure right here, right now!


Since their debut EP release back in 2014, Brissie trio Worse For Wear have fine-tuned their trademark recipe for warm and compelling punk rock. From sharing stages with the likes of The Hard Aches, Trash Boat and Windwaker, to selling out their third annual Seasick festival, there's continuously a whole lotta love for this lot; and rightly so, given the group's burgeoning reputation for positivity alongside rollicking riffs, thumping rhythmics and a DIY mindset at the heart of their sonic souls. And while their previous track We Got This snatched breaths and triple j airplay simultaneously, Worse For Wear's impending track Happy solidifies the hard yards this trio have injected into honing their exuberant craft.

Dressed to the nines with rattling hooks and nostalgic strokes, Happy finds Worse For Wear trim, taut and crashing and bashing in upbeat fashion, while also simultaneously exploring the ongoing search for personal happiness alongside the inevitable escapism that goes hand-in-hand.


"It's about trying to find internal happiness, which can be truly hard in the world we live in...'Happy' explores escaping from the daily pressure life throws at us, the temporary reset that getting away from the daily grind can give you" -

Curtis Heinz, Worse For Wear lead vocals


While the pursuit of happiness may elude many of us from time to time, there's an undeniable blithe charm permeating in Happy, alongside Worse For Wear's sharpened production and technical chops. And with the trio teaming up with Nick Wilkinson (We Set Signals) to record the new tune, as well as other material for their impending full-length album, it's safe to say this isn't the last we'll hear from the Worse For Wear camp as 2021 continues to hurtle on its merry way. Happy will officially release tomorrow on Thursday April 8th - but you can grab a sneak peek right now in the meantime! Listen below, and for more info, head HERE.







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