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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Hypnotic prog juggernauts AlithiA sign with Wild Thing Records & announce new album!

Aussie 6-piece AlithiA are well established for their deep grooves and psychadelic flair, and after teasing us for months this lot have officially set a release date for their heavily anticipated sophomore album, unveiled a new track and clip, AND (because overachieving is their maiden name) announced a European tour alongside Norwegian powerhouse Shining kicking off in November.


Existing in an arcane pocket of the prog label, Melb lads AlithiA have found themselves onstage alongside some of the biggest local and international names in the game, including Leprous, SikTh, Ne Obliviscaris and countless others. And with their 2014 debut album ‘To the Edge of Time’ already casting spells out in the world for a few years, there is seemingly a large amount of expectation and speculation about what’s to come for the upcoming opus titled ‘The Moon Has Fallen’, due out on Wild Thing Records. But true to form, ‘The Moon Has Fallen’ is set to delve deep into the realm of psychedelic tribal post-prog rock, embracing heavy percussive grooves, new wave Blade Runner-esque synth blasts, and striking melodic vocals with an emphatic punk attitude.

Of the album, AlithiA founder and lead singer John Rousvanis muses: “We didn’t choose to make this album, but rather it was it’s own entity already in the etheric plane which chose us as it’s conduit birthing parents, in turn the writing process affected myself and the other members of the band in a extremely challenging way, leading to tumultuous ups and downs, we went through an intense journey that involved bemusement, blind optimism, broken hearts, death, loss, depression, near band break ups, severe sickness, mental illness, suicide, self destruction, betrayal, doubt, hedonism, salvation, brotherhood, the left and right hand path, realisation, enlightenment, new friends, love, marriage, empathy, philosophy, gratitude and growth all in our daily lives while traveling across the world and back in making this music...this album is just one part of my self and AlithiA that will live on after we are gone. The Moon Has Fallen."

The Moon Has Fallen’ is officially due out October 26th, with the gents then taking off on a huge European tour alongside Norway’s legendary Shining in November. And to celebrate the announcement this week, AlithiA have officially dropped the synth-bop ‘Empress’ and accompanying clip which you can check out below.

Pre-orders for ‘The Moon Has Fallen’ are available now at:





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