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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Arch Enemy Roar Towards Album #11 With New Single & Music Video

Pic: Katja Kuhl

Starting life as a "supergroup", Swedish metal juggernauts Arch Enemy have relentlessly honoured and evolved the hallowed heavy metal tropes since first forming in the mid 90s. Founded by Michael Arnott of Carcass and Carnage fame, the group have gone on to become one of the most revered and dynamic bands in the modern heavy metal generation - and 2022 is set to be yet another triumph for the band, with the recent confirmation of their 11th studio album Deceivers, due out on Friday 12 August via Century Media Records. And as if a new album wasn't enough, the group also late last week unveiled a pearler of a new tune and accompanying music video for the anthemic In The Eye Of The Storm.

"In The Eye Of The Storm is a song that was built around a hypnotizing riff and a groove that's just screaming out to be played live! Shooting the video in Berlin, Germany with, for us, new director Mirko Witzki was a super cool experience, and the result is nothing less than astonishing!" - Michael Amott

A collection of 11 tracks that are ruthlessly catchy and mercilessly violent, Deceivers stands toe-to-toe with the highlights of the band's storied catalogue. Roaring to life with Handshake With Hell, Arch Enemy make it clear they are out for blood, and every track is a hit, from the moody Poisoned Arrow to the titanically anthemic One Last Time. Sounding more energized than ever, the quintet is operating at the highest level, delivering a maelstrom of diamond-hard riffing wrapped around cinematic melodies, thunderous drumming and towering vocals. Arch Enemy has proved, yet again, that they are unstoppable.

Watch the new music video for In The Eye Of The Storm below.

Deceivers is due out Friday 12 August, with pre-orders available here.


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