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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: The almighty Baker Boy returns in remarkable upbeat style a brand new track!

In news guaranteed to delight on this delightful Friday morning, prolific Indigenous rapper Baker Boy (aka Danzal Baker) has returned with gusto, today unveiling an absolute firecracker of a single In Control.


Marking the first sign of new music since the outrageously catchy 'Cool As Hell', which racked up over 2.3 million streams globally, the Melbourne-via-North East Arnhem Land legend is continuing his sonic domination with dazzling force, crafting a jaunty, uplifting jam with 'In Control'.

Co-written with award-winning writer/producer/instrumental extraordinaire Pip Norman (Troye Sivan, CXLOE), 'In Control' boasts all the usual Baker Boy delights - energetic beats, bubbling hooks and positive themes at times gifted in Baker Boy's native language, Yolngu Matha.

Featuring some dynamic backing vocals from the T.I.M.E (Thornbury Instrumental Music Experience) Crew of Thronbury Primary, 'In Control' ain't just a pretty musical face, driving some as uplifting affirmations, as Baker Boy himself explains: "In Control encourages not only kids, but everyone to be brave and confident in taking control of their futures. No matter what challenges they’re facing or how many times they’ve been knocked back, it’s about having the right mind set and supporting yourself to be the very best version of who you are and to achieve all your dreams, no matter how young or old.”

Also featuring painted crosshatching on the original artwork by one of Baker Boy's biggest supporters (his father), 'In Control' is simultaneously a celebration of bold and unwavering optimism and of Danzal's cultural histor: "Painting in the style of crosshatching is symbolic of where I am from, North East Arnhem Land. I wanted to use this art style because it represents me and who I am, I want to show everyone out there that I am proud and I want to encourage them to also be proud of who they are and where they come from."

'In Control' comes ahead of Baker Boy's hotly anticipated new album bubbling away on the horizon, as well as his upcoming appearances at Yours & Owls Festival, Reclink Community Cup and the Palmy Street Party over the next few months. But for now, go treat yourself to this absolute doozy of a tune baked to utter perfection.

'In Control' is out and about right now, go get your ears on it HERE.

And for all other Baker Boy info, head HERE.



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