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  • Tiana Speter

NEW PODCAST ALERT | Barbiecoregang Is Celebrating Femininity In Heavy Music

"Divine Femininity Exists In Heavy Music" - barbiecoregang.

Starting life as a clothing brand in 2022, barbiecoregang swiftly evolved from its initial form into a fully-fledged brand equally celebrating the heavy music industry and femininity. Through the leading hand of owner, co-founder and music guru Lili Jean Berry, barbiecoregang now, as of this week, also boasts a monthly dedicated podcast, with Berry herself chatting with people from all areas of the heavy music industry about celebrating femininity in all aspects, and opposing the toxic masculinity narrative that has so often accompanied the territory in most aspects of heavy music.

With Episode 1 of the barbiecoregang podcast officially live today, Monday 1 May, featuring Berry chatting with RedHook vocalist Emmy Mack and Yours Truly vocalist Mikaila Delgado, future episodes for this brand new podcast will release on the 1st of each month. And if Episode 1 is anything to go by, there's set to be plenty of incredible stories from around the heavy music community from those who, for various reasons, may have found themselves feeling like outsiders or not accepted for not fitting the pre-conceived 'mould' of what a heavy music fan should look or act like.

As Berry herself elaborates: "In a time where we are seeing more women pop up in heavy bands across the globe, we can acknowledge how far this community have come. But when any of those women are shamed for being ‘too feminine’, that’s where we come in, to hold space for & celebrate it. To authentically embrace your womanhood in a heavily male dominated landscape is powerful, this space is all yours. For every person who thanked barbiecoregang when it started, this is for you."

For everyone who loves all things glam and glitz as much as they love mosh pits and sweaty breakdowns, come spend some time in the barbiecore universe and keep your calendars primed for the 1st of each month. Grab a listen to the podcast here, and head here to learn more about the barbicore universe.




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