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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Crossfaith cut loose with a slick and sweltering new music video.


Come sink into the torrid new music video from Japanese heavy overlords Crossfaith as the group vent their frustrations in dizzying fashion for their seething tune None Of Your Business.


Recently unleashing their spitfire EP Species last month, Crossfaith have continued to cement themselves as a polished battering ram in the heavy music world. Wielding heavy metal and hardcore heroics with a fusion of electronic, dubstep and beyond, the Japanese quintet are a dazzling breath of fresh air and precision in an increasingly diverse sonic universe. But beyond the group's obvious musical prowess, the group are also increasingly renowned for their socially conscious narratives, and their tune None Of Your Business featuring Japanese rapper Jin Dogg from their recent EP Species arrives in visual form as a cacophony of frustration, indignation and savage self discovery.

Bringing to life one of the most dynamic tracks from the Species EP, Crossfaith deliver an engaging and convulsing rabbithole that flexes the group's angsty tones with flashy visual effects - plus the on-camera appearance of Jin Dogg dynamically cranks up proceedings amid the insanely sharp production that greets the eyes.

“We don’t need what we don’t need and we don’t need people yelping like a little kid. It’s not just anger, I’m tired of it. We made this video with Japan's finest creative team, THINGS, and it features a great performance from our best friend Jake AKA Jin Dogg. Go feel it and unleash yourself with MADNESS." - Ken Kole, vocals

Offering the perfect accompaniment to the tumultuous state of the world right now, Crossfaith may be all riled up in their latest visual outing, but the end result is nothing short of a bombastically enjoyable ride. Come air your grievances and crank None Of Your Business for a guaranteed dose of catharsis, Crossfaith-style.






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