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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: In honour of National Week of Deaf People, John Krsulja unveils a special new release.


It may seem counter-intuitive on paper for a song release to honour the Deaf community, but that's precisely what country dynamo John Krsulja has achieved, with his latest single and video release highlighting the beauty of Auslan (Australian Sign Language), and honouring Australia's Deaf community.


As time goes by, we may find ourselves walking the path that has been walked before by our ancestors, for we are here but a brief moment in the history of time and no matter where our paths lay or the road leads us, The World Keeps Turning On Its Own.

The World Keeps Turning On Its Own is the third single to be released from John Krsulja's, ARIA charting album, Burden Of The Fool, co-written with fellow alt-country troubadour, Lachlan Bryan.

These Golden Guitar winners have gone with a song that floats as gentle as the breeze with a message carved in stone.

The music video features the collaboration between the songwriter and the story, delivered by members of Australia’s Deaf Community and is released to coincide with the National Week of Deaf People (NWDP), September 19-25 - a week-long national celebration of Deaf individuals and the Deaf Australian community.

By sharing the beauty of Auslan (Australian Sign Language), the performers are giving their interpretation of the story within the song rather than directly translating the lyrics, resulting in a powerful delivery sure to break the barriers between the hearing and the Deaf community.

All of these performers believe in equality for the Deaf community, accessibility for all and to have an identity within the arts.

The World Keeps Turning On Its Own is available from all digital retailers, or from the album, Burden of the Fool, from digital retailers and John’s website:






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