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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Sydney enigmas Plastic Face unleash a dark and delicious new clip for 'HiiViSiON'.


Attention all fans of 90s house and/or cinematic psychological thrillers: prepare to fall head over shimmering heels for Sydney enigmas Plastic Face and their delightfully outlandish new music video for their recent track HiiViSiON which dropped last week.

A holistic experience of mind and soul, Sydney duo Plastic Face are swiftly finding themselves on the forefront of nostalgic hues and modern flourishes, like a parallel universe where present-day Tame Impala bodyswaps with Chicane for a mid-90s soiree. And while the pair's recent tune HiiViSiON came armed utterly oozing with rumination and shimmering synths, it's on the brand new music video with Sean Donovan at the helm that Plastic Face level up with a nighttime car trip gone weird at the core of this unforgettable visual adventure.

One of our lovely pals Sean Donovan wrote and directed this clip. After seeing his independent short film ‘Headless Chooks’ we knew we had to work with him! It was evocative, dark and truly open to interpretation. ‘HiiViSiON’ is no different. We all agreed we wanted something mysterious, dark and thought-provoking. Something to entice people to dip their toes into our world so to speak and come up with their own answers. We pulled together an incredible team with the little resources we had and made something we’re so happy with.” - Plastic Face

With the promise of even more new tunes on the near horizon from this mysterious pair, if HiiViSiON is anything to go by, we're in for some sharp twists and turns ahead further into the curious world of Plastic Face. But for now, go grab a listen and a watch of the new tune below (and maybe check your car boot for pixelated stowaways if you're planning a nighttime road trip this weekend).






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