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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Synthy industrial splendour awaits on the brand new tune 'Machina' from Perth's Sparrow.


Buckle up! Perth industrial heavyweights Sparrow are officially back in crushing fashion, wielding a brand new tune ahead of a promised "mountain of new music" in the lead up to a new album over the next few months.


Starting life back in 2010 by songwriter Sean Hendry and drummer Clint Gatter, Sparrow (originally known as I SAID THE SPARROW) actually began as a side-project for a film. Fast-forward a few years and this "side project" evolved into something so much more, with supports alongside Dead Letter Circus, Twelve Foot Ninja and Tonight Alive in their wake, as well as a dedication to refining the trademark Sparrow sound into the heaving and melodic industrial wiles we know them for today.

And while the group have certainly bulked up their sound over the years, while also bringing in bassist Anthony Jackson (Birds of Tokyo, End of Fashion) and Robert Buratti on synth and guitar duties along the way, their latest track Machina finds the group in gripping control of their industrial/alt-rock hybrid, which cinematic flourishes fittingly finding their way into the mix as well.

With just the right amounts of crunch and polished pizzazz (with the iconic Forrester Savell on mixing and producing duties), Machina has certainly been worth the wait for new Sparrow material, and a confident step towards an eventual album release from the group.

"We can't wait for this to be out there in the world, it's been a little while in between drinks and this new music is the stuff we are most proud of to date!" - Sean Hendry, vocals

With the band's recent press release promising "a mountain of new music" over the coming months, gear up for some sensational new stuff from this talented bunch. But in the meantime - go get cracking on Machina below!






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