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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: That's A Spicy Meatball! Tenacious D Are Heading Back To Aus

Photo: Travis Shinn

Way back in 2013, I found myself sitting on the side of stage balcony of the Sydney Opera House watching Tenacious D tear the hallowed halls a new one. As Jack Black declared on the night "I'm not sure why we're playing this venue", people around the room vocally disagreed; and rightly so, as anyone who is anyone knows that Black has undoubtedly some of the best vocal pipes of his generation. Mixed with the equal charm of Kyle Gass, Tenacious D have been a standout in the rock scene for longer than I can remember - but the point today isn't about me tripping down memory lane, it's to celebrate the long-awaited news that the D will be returning down under finally in 2024. The rock gods have spoken, and after 10 years, they're heading back!

In a press statement that’s sure to make music aficionados sit up and take notice, an anonymous rock historian declared: "It’s no joke. Tenacious D is the best band in the world and in the Spicy Meatball Tour they are at the peak of their powers. Better than the Beatles… better than the Stones…even better than Taylor Swift. And they have PYRO!!! Do not miss the spicy meatball…it’s D-licious!!!"

Tenacious D will be embarking on their Spicy Meatball Tour this July in Australia and New Zealand, playing massive arena shows that will themselves barely fit the duo's spicy rock anthems.

Before Tenacious D became synonymous with epic rock anthems, Jack Black and Kyle Gass were just a couple of theatre students with big dreams in late ‘90s Los Angeles. Fast forward to today, and their journey reads like a rock ‘n’ roll fairy tale – complete with a hit HBO variety series, a Platinum-certified self-titled album, and even a feature film, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny.

But their accolades don’t stop there. With a GRAMMY® nomination for ‘Best Comedy Album’ and a win for ‘Best Metal Performance’ under their belt, Tenacious D has firmly cemented their status as musical legends. And let’s not forget their foray into animation with Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto, a labour of love where every frame was hand-drawn by Jack Black himself.

Last year saw the launch of The Spicy Meatball Tour, with Tenacious D setting stages ablaze across 24 cities and selling out London’s iconic O2 arena within a week of the tour’s announcement. Their latest hit single, Video Games, marked their triumphant return to the airwaves after a five-year hiatus, while their tribute to Chris Issak’s Wicked Game became an instant viral sensation.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jack Black dropped another bombshell with his surprise ballad Peaches from the Super Mario Bros. movie soundtrack, proving that Tenacious D still has plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

Tickets for the Aussie Spicy Meatball Tour will be up for grabs from Friday 9th February at 12 pm local time here

Tenacious D Spicy Meatball Tour

  • Sunday 14 July: ICC Sydney Theatre | Sydney, NSW

  • Tuesday 16 July: Newcastle Entertainment Centre | Newcastle, NSW

  • Thursday 18 July: Brisbane Entertainment Centre | Brisbane, QLD

  • Saturday 20 July: Rod Laver Arena | Melbourne, VIC

  • Monday 22 July: Adelaide Entertainment Centre | Adelaide, SA

  • Wednesday 24 July: TSB Arena | Wellington, NZ

  • Friday 26 July: Spark Arena | Auckland, NZ

For more Tenacious D info, head here.




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