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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: The Word Alive announce new album, unveil title track

With a sturdy decade under their musical belts, Arizona metalcore legends The Word Alive have kicked off into their next phase, announcing their sixth studio album Monomania due out next month - and unveiling the title track to tide us over in the meantime.


Firmly dedicated to evolution throughout their career, The Word Alive have frequently flitted between metalcore and heavier post-hardcore realms while firmly flexing their emotive muscles amid the beautiful cacophony around them. And while success and acclaim has weaved its way through the Word Alive story, it's fitting that on the brink of a new decade for both the band and the world in general that the group have embraced introspection and reinvention, seen on the brand new track Monomania (doubling as the title track for the upcoming full-length).

"When you listen to our new music, I hope you have a better understanding of our entire career. Maybe you can see the whole story and realize that we're not different from you. We've been through it all, but we're always trying to learn, grow, and leave something behind we feel will help people. This is our purest work. This is everything we've been through in the last couple of years. It's the best conclusion of the last 10 years and the best opening to the next 10." Tyler Smith (vocals)

Good news for all The Word Alive fans out there, you won't have long to wait to get your ears around the entire new album, with Monomania arriving on February 21 via Fearless Records and Caroline Australia. But in the meantime, come embrace some emotional catharsis with the title track offering an anthem to staying true to yourself.

"With 'MONOMANIA' I wanted to capture the emotional roller coaster we go through as we continually kill our true selves battling the 'madness' we feel as we struggle with who we are, wondering at times if there's any point to all of this. Sometimes, we're so desperate to be heard that we get lost attempting to fit in or to stand out. It's fucking hard learning what feels like hard lessons over and over. We fail to take ownership of our thoughts and actions, pulling us further away from facing who we are. You only really overcome that by trusting in yourself, because that's the only way you can break the cycle." Tyler Smith

Go grab a peek at the brand new track and accompanying music video now, and you can hit up pre-orders for the new album right HERE before February 21 rolls around.



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