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  • Tiana Speter


ALBUM: Chapters ARTIST: Lycanthrope

Whoever said "two is company, three's a crowd" clearly never met Newcastle metal six-piece Lyncanthrope and their three guitarists. Since starting life in 2011, this explosive group have now well and truly found their feet and are ready to shout it to the world with their debut full-length album 'Chapters' unveiling this week.

Having already teased us with two brutal bangers in the form of singles 'Like A Ghost' and title track 'Chapters', the entire album is a bone-crusher that seeks to makes full use of every ounce this sextet has to offer - the riffs are cranking, the breakdowns are intense and there's a distinct overall cohesion across the ten tracks on offer. And while there is an undeniable stamp of influences gurgling away (I'm looking at you Parkway Drive and In Hearts Wake), the Lycanthrope lads build upon their previous releases and creative affectors to throw down a thumping good time.

Opening track 'Wings' takes no prisoners and whips up a frenzy of raucous riffs and abrasive vocals (and some seriously sexy basslines), while tracks like 'Skin & Bones' and 'Paths Divided' whirl in some contrasting chaotic and melodic moments that straddles nostalgic metalcore with some surprising twists. And speaking of surprising, while there's a hell of a lot of noise coming out of the woodwork (largely thanks to the holy trinity of guitars, Aidan Lee, Brett Scott and Scotty Wright), the boys prove they are more than just chugging thugs with the ballad-like 'Follow My Name' that showcases a softer side to vocalist Daniel Greig, and contrasts the relentless ferocity so dominant on other tracks.

Overall, 'Chapters' is an adrenaline-soaked riot - a focused, intense and seriously enjoyable adventure from group who are equally proficient in the arts of face melting and melody making. And yes, there's some derivative moments from those who have come before, but when the execution sounds this good it's not a deal breaker. No matter what your hipster mate thinks, metalcore ain't dead, and Lycanthrope are flying the flag with their brand new baby.

'Chapters' is due out this Friday, but in the meantime you can head here for all your Lycanthrope needs.

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