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  • Tiana Speter


ALBUM: In Your Head ARTIST: Wild Honey Coming of age albums are often packed full of angst and despair, but for Sydney's divine psych-poppers Wild Honey there's a whole lot of beauty and charm in store for their very hotly-anticipated debut album 'In Your Head' due out this Friday.

Emerging only last year with their self-titled EP, this dreamy quintet have steadily spread their wings with support slots alongside the likes of The Belligerents, Twin Peaks and The Delta Riggs, as well as a whole lotta love for their original debut single 'Eye To Eye' in 2016. And after spending a few days in the first half of 2017 recording the new album with producer Jack Moffitt (The Preatures, Mosquito Coast), the results are finally ready to be shown to the world; 'In Your Head' finds the boys back better than ever with a loving ode to that twilight age between adolescence and full-fledged adulthood - when days at the beach gave solace from the storms at home, and young love bloomed at seedy house parties.

'Break Away' kicks the album off on a strong foot, with a little tinge of energetic rock coming in hot against the trademark haze and husky vocals. 'Messed Up' follows like a waterfall of melted caramel, all swooning harmonies and nostalgic tones that make you want to kick back in a hammock and forget about the world. 'Can't Hold Back' starts out with an End of Fashion vibe, and swirls into an upbeat, glimmering wave of uncomplicated beauty. Tracks like 'Guardian' and 'Good Times' make for bittersweet journeys, but somehow the jangly guitars and haunting vocals make life's shit moments pale in comparison, while 'Pull It Together' is an ode to owning it and believing things will get better, with some charming off-beats and fuzzy guitar work. 'Gone For Good' is one of the more telling examples of the inspiration behind Wild Honey's band name; a Beach Boys-incarnate number that is so damn likable with its doo-wop harmonies and heartbreakingly sweet content (seriously, how do these boys make heartbreak sound so good?). The title track is a swaying beauty, while the rest of the album floats into a sun-soaked wonderland dealing with regret ('What You Get') and reflection ('Supermarket').

'In Your Head' is a soothing journey spaced across 12 tracks, with each song begging to be played at the end of a 90s teen rom-com when the boy finally gets the girl and drives off into the sunset as the credits roll. There's a nostalgic bliss clinging to each track that makes the album a delight from start to finish - it's uncomplicated indie-pop in the best sense of the word, and the harmonies alone will have you wiping up drool for days.

'In Your Head' is out this Friday 3rd November via SPILLWAY Records, and the boys will be busting out on the east coast later this month for the official album launch tour. More info below, get amongst it!

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