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  • Tiana Speter


EP: Big Trouble ARTIST: The Elk Collective

The post-hardcore realm can definitely drag its feet at times with solemn vibes and showy angst, but every now and then a band pops up in the genre that can capture the bashing and thrashing with a healthy sense of humour - and one such band is none other than Sydney boys The Elk Collective who are primed and ready to roll with their debut EP 'Big Trouble' due out tomorrow.

Self-described as an "all-bullshit band" (Bullshit good, but with terrible jokes), the Elk Collective have been making a name for themselves with their energetic and melodic jams and classic harsh/clean vocal mix. And after having a little lineup shakeup, the group (who claim to be made of up two mediocre vocalists trying to cover up their lack of talent with jokes and an amazing drummer) currently consists of Matt on dirty vocals, Dwyne on clean vocals and a brand new backbone in the form of bassist Lex and drummer Jay. But while the group are all jokes when it comes to their song titles and descriptions, they are anything but when it comes to crafting some huge sounds, as 'Big Trouble' illustrates.

Tracks like the opener 'Baps' and 'White and Green' are no-nonsense ragers, with heaving vocals and blasting drums kicking over tenacious riffs in a whirlwind of sound, while other tunes like 'Chokkas' and 'Moshpittin on your Toenails' pump up the melodies across booming angular riffs.

The earlier songs kicking around the EP barely breach the three minute mark, but you definitely don't feel short-changed after the grit disappears into the distance on closing track 'The Forest Moon of Endor' (bonus Star Wars point goes to the boys there). Boasting some tightly coarse production, 'Big Trouble' leaves enough rough edges to really sink your teeth and ears into - and it's way too easy to get lost in the catchy yet gritty honesty that infiltrates the group's particular brand of post-hardcore.

For an EP that depicts a cartoon elk doing a shooey, there's a lot of seriously strong content and capability throughout 'Big Trouble' that is sincere, upbeat but still heavy as hell. EP is due out tomorrow, for more info on the release and The Elk Collective in general, head here.




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