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  • Tiana Speter


EP: Ghost of Me ARTIST: Tapestry

In the wrong hands, hardcore music can occasionally come off as contrived and self-indulgent - but fortunately for us all, NT melodic hardcore legends Tapestry have expertly constructed an impressively mellow and mature take on the genre with their brand new EP 'Ghost of Me' due out this Friday.

Having already released a few tracks in the lead up, there's been hints of dense textures and emotive melodics from the boys already, and the end result is a surprisingly soothing journey that deftly tugs on the heartstrings, but with just enough rugged edges to keep things spicy.

Opening track 'Sleepless' kicks off with eerie guitars; it's short and sweet with just a touch of screech, before heading into 'Ghost', one of the more upbeat tracks that boasts rhythmic riffs with a melancholic intensity and prominently displays why these guys are currently one of the greats in their genre right now.

Following 'Ghost' is a series of tracks that delve into swirling ambience and simplistic instrumentation, with 'Life in Delusion' showcasing some laser sharp arrangements, 'Retrospect' weaving in stunning hints of falsetto from vocalist Tom Devine-Harrison and a short, dreamy delight in the form of 'Ember' which completes the back-to-back trio of cathartic and heart-rending bliss.

'Dark Shade' brings back the beats and returns to some of the group's heavier habits, with occasional chugging guitars and solid melodic progression bringing a renewed sense of vigour and grit, but without feeling overly forced. Final track 'Love_Deception' comes out guitars blazing, juxtaposing the rest of the EP with its rollicking beats and bleaker tones. Amid the pounding rhythmic tones are flushes of frustration, and shows that the Tapestry boys are more than capable of throwing down some backbone.

Vocalist Tom Devine-Harrison expresses that they are enthusiastic for the release and the year to come: "This is the release we have been itching to release for quite some time now. We took our time crafting it and making sure it was exactly what we wanted to put out into the world before showing it to everyone, but now it's finished, we can't wait to get it out there and show everyone on this tour what we've been keeping under wraps. We are so stoked for what the rest of 2018 brings."

It's little wonder that this quintet from Darwin have dramatically emerged since they released their first single in 2015 - there's an element of balance at every turn, particularly on display with 'Ghost of Me', from the harsh/clean vocals to the seamless flitting between sparse looming spaces and heavier walls of sound. 'Ghost of Me' is equal parts brooding and brutal, and a startlingly stunning release that will linger with you long after the riffs fade.

'Ghost of Me' is due out tomorrow, and you can also catch the Tapestry boys in action supporting fellow legends Polaris, The Plot In You and Ambleside in April. More info below.




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