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  • Tiana Speter

EP REVIEW: In Denial, Force a Smile (TIRED EYES)

EP: In Denial, Force a Smile ARTIST: Tired Eyes

Lose yourself in some edgy and elegant tension from Brissie alt-rock outfit Tired Eyes and their debut EP 'In Denial, Force a Smile' that's dropping this Friday.


Uniting last year with a shared purpose to explore and develop a spiritual musical respect, this riveting quartet only recently released their first ever song into the world with 'A Place, A Space, A Symphony' in May. The finished product in 'In Denial, Force a Smile' is an intriguing journey that bounces from hard rock to post-hardcore and chilly ambience in short succession - and impressively for an inagural release, there are no signs of first-time nerves.

The EP purrs to life with 'Unforgiveness', an airy number that breaks out sharp, melodic guitars over splashy drums before leaping into harsh vocals. It's short and sweet but ultimately the track rides seamlessly over a dense and sprawling synthy backdrop that lessens the brunt, and leads into the crisp and angsty post-hardcore ballad 'Outta Sight' flaunting fluttering dueling vocals between Joey Keating and Jesse Kampkes. Leading into the halfway mark is 'A Place, A Space, A Symphony' which steps lyrically into darker waters and musically into a realm of grooving riffs and prettily assailing vocals before fading out on an ethereal beam of light. The Tired Eyes lads might lean on the heavier side, but it's evident here that they can craft a catchy ear-worm suspended in crystalline ambience like nobody's business.


Up next is 'Tempt Me', a post rock-esque interlude with coiling guitars that abruptly leads into 'Dissonance', a bolder outing that laps up the emotion-factor thanks mostly to the intimate lyrics and broader soundscapes that hurls the tight-knit sound to every corner of the room to rage against the walls and inevitably recede as the track concludes. Last but not least is 'LOVECVTS', an unexpectedly eerie and welcomed cover of The Cure's 'The Lovecats'; a surprising deviation from the previous menacing ambience on the EP, 'LOVECVTS' flexes some serious groove and funk muscles lurking in the Tired Eyes arsenal. The Cure purists may have a thing or two to say on the matter, but how can you be mad with such a confident, vibrant display? (Plus, side note: the bassline is pretty much liquid sex).

There's no cause for denial for Tired Eyes and their debut; 'In Denial, Force a Smile' is an assertive, complex and honest display from a group who elegantly dress their aggression and blunt force in a suit of charm and candor. Whether you're a heavy newbie or an alt-rock worshipper, 'In Denial, Force a Smile' is an impressive emergence that you'll find yourself wanting to spin again and again - and it absolutely will not be the last time we hear from this lot.

The Tired Eyes boys will be unveiling 'In Denial, Force a Smile' this Friday 29th June. For more info head to:




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