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  • Tiana Speter


EP: In The Water ARTIST: Regular Band

Sometimes a little rough and tumble is good for what ails you, and as of next week you can get your fix with a brand new EP out from Brissie alt-rockers Regular Band.

Having already released a bunch of music since starting life in 2015, this grunge-tastic trio have returned with gusto in 2018, and the new EP 'In The Water' is another solid escapade into swarthy distortion, rollicking tempos and a healthy amount of apathetic vocals that balances the "wall of sound" tendencies of classic grunge punk with some notably catchy songwriting.

Opening/title track 'In The Water' screams Nirvana from the opening licks, emerging into a fun little stomper that has you singing along to the chorus without even realising. 'Anenami' shows off a quirkier side to the trio, with thrashing riffs and some beaming charisma creeping more and more into frontman Chris Wenner's vocals. 'After Life' goes a tad psych, almost creeping into a gritty punk King Gizzard vibe and showcases the boys at peak form with tight riffs, strong vocals and a voracious energy that bodes well for this track live. Rounding out the tracks is the down-tempo and slightly 90s 'Morning Glory', before closing with an overdrive-happy number in 'Tree Song' - it's upbeat, it's gravelly and it's another belter that would definitely kick serious butt live.

All up, 'In The Water' is a stealthy love-letter to the eras when grungy punk reigned supreme - it's loud, it's brash and it's a damn good little time from a young group who are well on their way to carving out their niche in the vein of fellow Aussie alt-rockers DZ Deathrays and Violent Soho. Is it similar to something we've all heard before? Sure, but when it sounds this fun it's hard not to get on-board the Regular Band train - so do yourself a favour and check 'In The Water' out when it leaps into the world next week.

For release info and more, head here.

Regular Band is: Chris Wenner on Guitar and Vocals, Mitch Ellis on Drums and Nicholas Humblet on Bass Guitar.



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