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EP: Volume 1 ARTIST: The Velvet Addiction What's fuzzy, upbeat and full of riffs? The debut EP from Melbourne rockers The Velvet Addiction, of course, and this Friday 27th October sees this magnetic classic rock quartet finally reveal the aptly titled EP 'Volume 1' to the world.

It's been a huge 2017 for these relative newcomers, with singles 'Take Me Back', 'I Won't Go' and 'Stuck on You' burning up the airwaves, plus a few music videos and explosive live shows to boot. And while seemingly the last thing the world needs is another rehashed version of the Stones or Zeppelin, somehow The Velvet Addiction have weaved their own fresh take of 70s-inspired swagger across six tracks with 'Volume 1' - it's ass-shaking rock at its modern finest without the contrived ego that can come with the territory.

'Yeah You Want It' hurtles out of the gates with frontman Stefan West's drawling vocals amid smoky riffs and perky drums; it's a track that would absolutely slay live and paves the way for the boisterous fun to follow .'I Won't Go' will get toes, fingers and other miscellaneous body parts tapping with its rhythmic beauty and pumping bassline, while nearly halfway through we've got 'Take Me Back' which finds the group solidly unified - the vocals are front and centre but perfectly blend with the slinging grooves. 'Bleedin' is up next, throwing down snarling bass and guitars, before the EP closes out with 'See Me Alright', a textbook classic rock banger, and 'Stuck On You' which ends proceedings with some wholesome sleaze and cranking riffs.

The whole EP from start to finish is a rollicking good time and cements the group's explosive rock-soaked vibes - but there's also an endearing amount of heart infused through the blazing riffs and swaggering charisma. In fact, The Velvet Addiction are four mates who came together to overcome histories of broken homes and family violence, and it's this honesty that elevates them beyond being just another generic rock band; their music will completely annihilate the dancefloor while hitting you right in the feels. Put simply by guitarist Aaron Bach: "'Volume 1' is about us. Not always prepared, not completely in time, not always making sense and definitely not trying to reinvent the wheel. Just us, raw, honest and loud".

'Volume 1' is out this Friday 27th October, with a heap of shows to follow. More info below:

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