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  • Tiana Speter

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Aunty Donna Go Country With A Hit (And Run)


Wielders of surreal and comical mayhem, beloved Aussie sketch trio Aunty Donna may have firmly wormed their way into the entertainment landscape via their infamous Always Room for Christmas Pud clip and countless other YouTube frivolities. But amongst their virally growing video content, hundreds of weekly podcast episodes and multiple sold out tours across the globe, the group have also routinely proven their insatiably kooky brand of humour has widespread (and voraciously growing) appeal. So much so that Broden Kelly, Mark Bonnano and Zachary Ruane are now not only in command of a Netflix-commissioned series, they also have kicked off 2023 with a brand new ABC series Aunty Donna's Coffee Cafe.

But why is a comedy sketch group being featured on a music website you may be asking yourself? For those who are in the know, there's no tenuous stretch here. Much like the comedy gold of The Mighty Boosh, Flight of the Conchords and beyond, Aunty Donna are also renowned for their adoration for crafting joke-adjacent tunes in their myriad of TV, live and YouTube performances. From the infectious Morning Brown from their Netflix series Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House Of Fun, a self-described "comedic bop" which more than lives up to its reputation, to the madcap improvised songs that frequently appear on the joke-soaked LiSTNR weekly Aunty Donna Podcast and beyond, these gents, and more specifically these gents along with the writing stylings of Sam Lingham and composer Tom Armstrong, can more than rise to a sonic occasion. And such occasion has presented itself this week, with the country-themed track Hit and Run, penned for the aforementioned Coffee Cafe, officially releasing as an actual single. Yes, Aunty Donna have thrown their cowboy hats in the musical ring, with high hopes to chart this smooth ditty that features the vocal (and visual) country stylings of theatre legend (and person most likely to be hung up on during a chat on the Aunty Donna podcast): Joe Kosky.

Hit and Run is certainly not The Soundcheck's usual sonic fare, but there's an undeniable earworm quality to this tongue-in-cheek country jam. The subject matter itself may be darkly centred around questionable subject matter, but the buoyant tune will certainly burrow itself into your brain and linger far longer than you'd expect. Perfect to soundtrack your next summer road trip (just please don't recreate the lyrical content), Hit and Run is pure Aunty Donna gold. No roadkill here, just a cowboy (who used to be Shrek) going about his day.

Check out Aunty Donna's Coffee Cafe on ABC iview here, and if you want even more Aunty Donna fun, come check out the chat that The Soundcheck's Tiana Speter had with Aunty Donna's own Broden and Mark here ahead of their acclaimed Magical Dead Cat Tour (including a moment where Tiana and Mark briefly ostracised Broden by nerding out about Mike Patton). Hit and Run is below, enter if you dare!






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