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  • Tiana Speter

NEW MUSIC: RedHook Bring A Sax To A Circle Pit Fight On 'Breaking Up With'


On their brand new single Breaking Up With, Sydney shapeshifters RedHook serve up the perfect party anthem; a sharp and sultry serving of alt rock, synths and salaciously sexy saxophones, all colliding to form the ultimate earworm you'll never, ever want to break up with.

Undeniably some red hot sonic fire from one of the most exciting bands kicking around the heavy scene right now, Breaking Up With isn't merely ear candy, with the new single also brandishing some powerful messaging around self-sabotage and self-destructive behaviour.

"This song is pretty much the antithesis of our most popular single 'Bad Decisions'," shares vocalist Emmy Mack. "Rather than revelling in being a total piece of shit, this one is about breaking that cycle of self-hate, forgiving your past mistakes, and just deciding to be bloody kinder to yourself. Lyrically, it takes the piss out of break-up cliches to signify ending that toxic relationship (with, you know, yourself) and starting fresh. I hope everyone who vibed with 'Bad Decisions' will also be shaking their hips in the moshpit to this one."

With production courtesy of Stevie Knight and mixing by James Paul Wisner, Breaking Up With continues the never-ending home run for RedHook, with the band previously releasing (so far) standalone singles Tourist and Scream 2, both following the band's 2023 debut full-length Postcard From A Living Hell. But just when you think you've got RedHook pinpointed and all figured out, they go and bust out a polished rock toe-tapper like Breaking Up With, complete with a Pro Wrestling Australia-laden music video, conceived by Mack herself and brought to life by returning director Colin Jeffs.

In the past 12 months alone, RedHook have toured Australia supporting The Smashing Pumpkins and Jane's Addiction, ticked off a largely sold out headline tour, including a triple j Live At The Wireless showing in Melbourne, toured the UK and Europe yet again, performed at Spilt Milk alongside Post Malone, at Froth and Fury Fest alongside Sunk Loto and Suicidal Tendencies, had their debut album peak at #10 on the ARIA Album Charts, snagged a triple j Feature know, typical world domination stuff.

If you've always lamented that there's not enough saxophone and wrestling in your listening and viewing repertoire, RedHook have got you covered with their latest clip, with Breaking Up With also hinting at a larger release from the quartet in the not-too-distant future. But for now, come and enjoy this knockout performance.

"Last year, I was lucky enough to live out my WWE Attitude Era dreams at Sydney's PWA Colosseum event, so I figured - why not throw the party inside a wrestling ring and get a bunch of my PWA superstar mates involved?" shares Mack of the Breaking Up With clip. "The shoot was bloody insane. I got to bust a hurricanrana on myself in the perfect visual metaphor for laying the smackdown on all of my toxic traits once and for all - RedHook 3:16 says I just whooped my own ass!"

Breaking Up With is out now.

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