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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Dare You To Love Me ARTIST: LALKA Dystopia meets ear-candy with lavish Brisbane artist LALKA and her explosive debut single 'Dare You To Love Me'. Hitting the world officially this Friday 18th August both in audio and visual forms, LALKA's inception is a swirling, whomping affair, bringing atmospheric ferocity that conjures up the likes of alternative-pop princesses FKA Twigs, Grimes and Banks.

Behind the hypnotic hooks and punchy vocals lurks a stark and subversive critique of the current political and social climate, with LALKA revealing that she started writing the track on the day that President Donald Trump announced the travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries to the US - perhaps summed up best by the resonating lyric "I make you feel uncomfortable - You say you love me - I think you're lying - I think you're frightened of what you see".

The beats are pounding and the atmosphere is palpable - but not content with just crafting a bewitching tune, LALKA also directed and edited the accompany clip for 'Dare You To Love Me' which boasts an all-female crew (both on and off camera).

If you like your electro with some glimmer and grunt, then this classically-trained Brissie lady will knock your socks off and lather your ears in liquid gold. 'Dare You To Love Me' drops this Friday - I dare you to miss it.

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