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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: December ARTIST: Yumi Zouma The Kiwis sure know how to crank out some epic artists, and New Zealand dream-poppers Yumi Zouma are equal parts bliss and blurry vibes with their latest single 'December' that dropped last week. For a group who went viral before even having their first band practice (a four song EP dropped in 2014 after the group emailed each other tracks across the globe), Yumi Zouma certainly were destined for huge things - in fact, their first proper live performances as a band were to sold-out crowds in Australia supporting Chet Faker, before journeying back home to New Zealand to open for fellow Kiwi Lorde on her post-Grammy win homecoming tour. With such extraordinary beginnings, there would be no raised eyebrows if the group sat back and let their meteoric rise carry them along. But instead the group have powered ahead, crafting their breathless whimsy with a debut album ('Yoncalla') and returning to their roots to write and record their sophomore album 'Willowbank' entirely in their home country - and that's where 'December' comes in, with it's nostalgic floating melodies and ethereal tone. The combination of the Yumis being on home turf and recording during the quieter New Zealand holiday season rings out on 'December', and it carries you along like that perfectly calm wave that so many of us spend our summers dreaming about - swelling, powerful yet never aggressive. Throwing in hazy horns alongside Christie Simpson's swoon-worthy vocals and pulsing choruses, the entire track is a textured delight that will carry you off into the sunset with its charm. With an entire album still to come, brace yourself for more enchanting tunes and glimmering tones - 'Willowbank' is due out on the 6th of October, followed by a worldwide tour (including down under).

Yumi Zouma are Christie Simpson, Sam Perry, Charlie Ryder and Josh Burgess. For more info check out: Website | Facebook | Instagram: @yumizouma | Bandcamp



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