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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Electrifying ARTIST: Fox Company Sydney rockers Fox Company are certainly not new on the scene, but their brand new track 'Electrifying' is a breath of fresh air from this explosive quartet - following a turbulent 2017 that saw the band recruiting new members, the boys are well and truly back to their ass-kicking best.

'Electrifying' more than lives up to its name, dripping dirty-blues riffs across an array of pounding beats, snarky bass and a sinfully catchy chorus that is just begging to be heard live. And while drawing clear-cut inspiration from usual suspects like Zeppelin and AC/DC, 'Electrifying' injects a nice blend of classic rock swagger with modern sensibilities - it's all the fun of Guns N' Roses without the self-indulgence, and just the right amount of technique and tongue-in-cheek to make this a barrel of pure hard rock fun.

Recorded with producer and Dead Love singer Stevie Knight, this track was always going to be huge, but it's also further proof that Fox Company is beyond simply being just another group to sink tinnies to - 'Electrifying' is a polished outing that gives a promising look into the very near future for one of Sydney's most exciting acts, and their upcoming single launch tour will give snippets of the country a chance to catch this lot in action. Check out the track and more info below!

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