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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Favourite ARTIST: Banks Of The Beautiful Inject some buzzing happiness straight to your ear veins with retro-electro duo Banks Of The Beautiful and their pumping debut single 'Favourite'.

Not many people can boast a successful result of a night spent clubbing on the Gold Coast, but for Banks Of The Beautiful, aka Andy and Lou, a chance meeting in the Sunshine State has led to ear-worm paradise, full of razor-sharp synths and feisty vocals that take cues from a whole range of influences, from The Who to Goldfrapp as well as some solid 80's hip-hop.

'Favourite' is the first sign of tunage from the pair's forthcoming album 'Unscheduled Departure', and it's a joy-filled, haze-induced sandwich; think lush layers of candy-coated electronic pop encased around warm melodies that wrap your soul in sincere and catchy lyrics. This track is most definitely a promising look into the future of an act that will ignite your ears and slay your dancing shoes - and as luck would have it, 'Favourite' is due out for release today, so why not go take trip through some retro merriment below:

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