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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Illuzia ARTIST: Balloons Kill Babies Well what do you know, Brisbane's gone and dished up yet another kick-ass post-rock wonder in the form of soundscape extraordinaires Balloons Kill Babies, a psychadelic instrumental trio with a heart of prog.

Following the release of their Queensland Music Award nominated debut EP 'Leviathan' last year, their latest single 'Illuzia' off their upcoming sophomore EP 'Prodomal' brings all of the dark and visceral elements that have become expected from the group, with a sprawling mix of wavering riffs, melodic calm and fanciful chaos.

Alongside the release of the track, the band also released an accompanying clip that pushes the band (Twiggy Carter, Karl O'Shea and recent addition Scott Davey, formerly of Dead Letter Circus) to the outskirts, with a dancer exploring the dream-like space in the foreground:

With the band obscured throughout the clip, BKB drive home their philosophy of the music being the most important aspect of the band, removing ego and preaching messages from the work. But despite the focus drawn away from the trio, what ultimately shines through is the raw and textural finesse that puts Balloons Kill Babies on par with some of the other greats of the contemporary instrumental world - they can transcend the constraints of the mainstream while still creating memorable riffs and absorbing textures. And if you've ever asked yourself "What does it sound like when a ninja meditates while simultaneously fighting off alien attackers in a misty forest?", then 'Illuzia' is definitely a track you need in your life.

Balloons Kill Babies will be launching the new single in Brisbane on the 22nd of July, more info below:



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