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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: My Love ARTIST: Crocodylus

There's a woozy doozy burning holes in speakers left right and centre thanks to Sydney surf rockers Crocodylus and their new single 'My Love'.


No strangers to a bit of 60s-tinged garage rock, Crocodylus have very swiftly won hearts and ears all over, carving up raucous shows with the likes of Hockey Dad, Skeggs, The Bennies and more, as well as landing FBi's Independent Artist of the Week and a whole lot of love from everyone's favourite drum, triple j. And off the back of previous rollicking anthems 'Christian Syrups' and 'Sweaty Already', 'My Love' sees the Crocodylus boys doing what they do best: slapping you in the face with some tasty reverb, hazy vocals and stomping rhythms wrapped up in a salty surf-soaked package.

Of the track, vocalist and bassist Josh Williams describes 'My Love' as “a 60’s inspired garage number about another failed relationship with another non-existent girl." And it's perhaps these fanciful ruminations which adds to the boisterously other-wordly vibes on the track - but ultimately 'My Love' is just a frisky good time that demands your attention and your presence on the dancefloor.

The Crocodylus boys are launching 'My Love' with some live shows kicking off next month - for ticket info and more head here.




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