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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Neanderthal ARTIST: Outside The Academy Psychadelic dreams come true as this week Melbourne's Outside The Academy (aka Pawel Cholewa and touring drummer Jordan Vasiliou) unveil their second winter single 'Neanderthal'. Hot on the heels of previous single 'Anaesthetise', 'Neanderthal' continues the group's ongoing journey into crunchy indie-electro territory - but this time round OTA have twisted in some haunting grooves and a pulsing vigour that lurches alongside Cholewa's dizzying vocals, suspending you in a warm and mutating haze before creeping away in a mist.

Behind the sprawling textures is a darkened desire to remain optimistic in a bleakly futile and dystopian reality - and whether it's an exaggerated reflection on the current state of the world or straight up fact, the slightly unsettled themes behind 'Neanderthal' somehow bring a sense of calming acceptance, almost encouraging you to stop fighting your battles for 4 and a bit minutes and get swept up in the soothing void. 'Neanderthal' will be officially launched on September 3rd at Melbourne's iconic Cherry Bar - for more info head to: Facebook | Instagram: @outsidetheacademy | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitter



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