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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: In Time ARTIST: Chynoweth

It was only a matter of time before we got some new music from Sydney indie marvels Chynoweth - and today the wait is officially over as the trio gift us a peek into their brand new hypnotic single 'In Time'.


Since kicking off in 2015, this absorbing group have persistently honed and challenged their craft and sonic flavours, from their broodily acoustic EP 'Misery and Romance' to their live releases and performances, both at home and overseas. And while Chynoweth's trademark melodies and alt-pop-sensibilities make for memorable tunes, there's always been an intriguing and increasing lean to heavier waters, particularly in a live setting as this brand new track attests to.

'In Time' is equal parts blissfully moody ballad and insistently pounding rocker, boasting the intensity of a late night smoky cognac coupled with a distant breezy calm. Of the track the band say: " ‘In Time’ is probably one of our favourite songs, especially live: it definitely shows off some of our prog influences (read: Porcupine Tree). It’s also one of our least vocally-centred songs, which probably gives everything else a little bit more room to breathe, especially towards the end" With a heap of shows already under their belt and on the horizon for 2018, it's only a matter of time before we hear more from Chynoweth (Callum Chynoweth, Tom Corben and Brock Whitton) - but for now, go grab a listen to the new track before you can make it officially yours next Friday 4th May (plus you can keep up to date with all things Chynoweth below):




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