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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Slither ARTIST: Big Whoops

Snake emoji reacts only please for QLD rockers Big Whoops and their brand new single 'Slither' dropping this week.


Forming back in 2017, this thumping trio have sturdily developed their punkish-rock tones in a short space of time, and the official debut single is an erratic breath of raw air. Gliding in with blurred guitars, 'Slither' quickly evolves into heavy rock territory with palpitating beats, dirty riffs, and raspy vocals from frontman Zane Nichol (plus a bonus little microtonal breakdown that swiftly elevates the track from standard rock tune to bewitching banger).

While the track gives the lads an opportunity to call out the figurative snakes in the world, it also gives them room to flex their heavier habits, as the boys explain: "It's a tune everyone can relate to, a tune that can make you feel something. We've all met that someone that we can't trust, this is a song for them." - Bassist, Ben Arnett. "For me personally, coming from a heavy rock side, this is the track I've been waiting for us to write. It makes me feel alive and full of energy." - Drummer, Marcus Grinsted.

Sure, 'Slither' kicks all kinds of ass, but it also paints a solid portrait of three talented dudes who are more than ready to take on the music world - and quite possibly rough things up while they're at it. If you're a fan of hot fuzz, pumping buzz, or just having the urge to spontaneously rock out in the living room - Big Whoops is the band you've been waiting for.

Check out 'Slither'’ below!



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