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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Reign Of The Monsters // ARTIST: Darkcell


Pump up the fuzz! Brissie rockers Darkcell are poised to unleash the monsters this Friday - and it's a brutally delightful affair.


Brace yourselves and your speakers, Brisbane industrial rock kings Darkcell have brewed up a tantalising monster with their brand new track 'Reign Of The Monsters' due out this Friday 25th January.

Bearing the first sign of new music since their blazing 2016 release 'Haunted Reality', 'Reign Of The Monsters' affably captures the quartet's typical tendencies - abrasive melodics and thick, chunked-up riffs, but with a sparkling theatricality that brings a refreshing twist to the typical brooding that invites itself into this genre sphere.

Perhaps the most significant shift, despite the usual "maturing" that comes with any new release, is the expansive personality with this new material; the Darkcell lads are more than ever adept at blending spooky razzle dazzle with their macabre subject matter and tones, and this confidence carries over into the razor-sharp instrumentation and lilting-yet-authoritative vocals.

Lined up to jump up for Hysteria Mag's 'Night of the Living Shred' in early February, it's fitting we have been gifted with such a rambunctious tune from this group of loveable monsters - so unleash your inner demon, and go get your ears around 'Reign of the Monsters' this Friday 25th - more info HERE.



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