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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Sorry // ARTIST: Kookshill


Casting a dreamy surf-rock web over some fuzzy alt-rock, the brand new track 'Sorry' from Newy lads Kookshill breathes a breath of jangly fresh air to the typical indie-psych fare.


Only surfacing to life as a band late last year, the Kookshill lads certainly haven't wasted any time blazing trails amid an already overflowing contingency in the Aussie indie rock circuit; from gaining over 100,000 Spotify streams in just a few months for their first single 'The Ride' to supporting the likes of Thundamentals, Boo Seeka and Caravana Sun, it's clear there's something in the water for the Newcastle quartet. But while they come bearing all the hallmarks necessary to slot into the surfy indie rock universe, there's a unique and engaging flavour to the Kookshill sound, significantly evidenced on their latest outing 'Sorry'.

From lilting, creamy guitars to the ever-unfurling rhythmics, 'Sorry' is a breezy journey firmly guided by belting vocals and bittersweet themes that simultaneously wash over you with its charm, while tugging at your heartstrings. Have we heard these tones somewhere before from the triple J-adored likes of Ocean Alley and Co.? Sure, but there's an invigorating flourish licking at the sides of the Kookshill sound that bodes optimistically well for the future of this young and likeable band.

Having recently filled up their gig dance card quite thoroughly until November and recently signing a licensing agreement in LA, there is no doubt we'll be hearing a lot more from these Novocastrian lads very soon. But in the meantime, you can check out the single below, and head HERE for all other Kookshill info.



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