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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Zero Gravity // ARTIST: Kate Miller-Heidke


Indie opera queen Kate Miller-Heidke snaps back to reality and lets go of gravity with an exquisite new track set to launch her into Eurovision and beyond.


As one of Brisbane (and Australia's) most loved artists, ethereal songstress Kate Miller-Heidke has firmly evolved her affable theatrics and celestial talent from training at the Queensland Conservatorium to penning award-winning music and lyrics for Muriel's Wedding: The Musical which returns for a second season in 2019. But now another feather in her musical cap has floated to life with a brand new single 'Zero Gravity', penned with partner Keir Nuttall for the first ever national selection show 'Eurovision- Australia Decides' in early February.

Opening with deep, breathy vocals and building instrumentation, there's a brief moment of wondering if Miller-Heidke may have shifted style trajectories with 'Zero Gravity'. Is she finally succumbing to the electro mainstream favoured by a large contingency of her solo female counterparts? But sure enough, the captivating traits that have held this soaring songbird in such high esteem bursts through with stoic melodics, soothing

instrumentals and out-of-this-word vocals from the lady herself (including an eye-watering lengthy high D flat).

While undeniably a profound little pop-opera gem, the track in fact emerged from darker waters, as Kate explained while talking to SBS: “Zero Gravity is an operatic pop song about coming out of depression. It uses the metaphor of a bad relationship to describe what it can feel like to be depressed. The choruses and the outro try to capture the feeling of transcendence. I love the double meaning of the word ‘gravity’ - that the song can also be about leaving seriousness behind.”

Regardless of the outcome from February's Eurovision decider, 'Zero Gravity' is a cosmic delight that swirls you into the blissful mind of one of our most curious and innovative artists - go lose yourself in the stunning track below.




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