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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Rise Up ARTIST: Mayhem For Mary

Need a song that'll get a rise out of your neighbours and your eardrums? Well look no further because Brisbane groovy alt-rockers Mayhem For Mary will knock you and the neighbour's socks (and possibly jocks) off with their crunchy new single 'Rise Up'.

Marking the official first single from the group's upcoming debut EP 'Cocked and shined', 'Rise Up' is a hefty riff sandwich that doesn't skimp on mouth watering variation and blazing energy. In similar fashion to the boy's previous 2017 single 'Ze Empire', there's plenty of skull-busting grit, while book-ending some funky, bouncing segues between crushing riffs. If you've always hoped to find the sonic equivalent of simultaneously smoking in the alley with Satan and sauntering the main streets with The Black Keys, 'Rise Up' is a wild ride that showcases Mayhem For Mary's penchant for genre-bending and ability to melt faces armed with only drums, bass and vocals.

''Rise Up' is out now for you to get your ears around, and to celebrate the release, Mayhem For Mary will be hosting a launch show at Brisbane's 'The Flamin' Galah' this Saturday (with support from local legends He Danced Ivy and Acid Kat). More info below.

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