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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: X (Mwah) ARTIST: Hellions

For those who like their music of the heavier persuasion, you'd no doubt be acquainted with Sydney thrashers Hellions and their mosh-ready anthems. But hold onto your hats because a week and a half ago this ridiculously innovative lot threw down their first new music since their ARIA nominated 2016 opus 'Opera Oblivia' - and holy shit, friends, the brand new single 'X (Mwah) is some serious ear crack.

At first glance you'd be forgiven for being a tad confused - gone are the harsh punk ferocities and theatrical progressions, giving way to unfairly catchy grooves, drooling basslines and blatant poppy vibes. But this upbeat little tune is the gift that keeps on giving with each listen - I legitimately challenge anyone to listen to this more than once and not bounce along, particularly after you cop the Tarantino-meets-NSYNC music video that comes with it:

'X (Mwah)' may not be exactly what the boys' more dedicated fans were expecting - but it's certainly a peek into the near future at group who aren't afraid to experiment and show the world that "pop" isn't always a dirty word in the right hands. Delving into the track, Hellions guitarist/vocalist Matt Gravolin explains: "60% of the human body consists of water. We are made of stardust atoms. These are remarkable things to contemplate - our very being is miraculous! But considering how few of our actions bear the salubrity of the water we’re composed of and how little light we’re projecting unto the world each day is enough to make one believe we are more of an aberrational race than a miraculous one. This is very much an escapist anthem, we’re embracing abandon and recklessness".

Overally, this is some banging pop punk brilliance from a bunch who continually seek to redefine themselves and the genres they find themselves in. And while it's unsure exactly what direction they're going to take us, one thing's for dang sure: Hellions are set to make a whole lotta noise this year so you'd better keep your eyes, ears and dancing shoes primed for more to come.

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