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  • Tiana Speter


If prog and dance-tastic funk had a baby, chances are it would immediately be named Mayhem For Mary after the criminally catchy Brissie trio that are taking ears and live venues by storm this year.

Starting life as a heavier alt-rock four piece, the band have since re-formed down to three and (gasp!) taken out the guitar and added a world of chunked-up riffs and grooves; the result is a totally unique and clever sound that never once feels empty thanks to the gritty vocals of frontman Keith, melting dance-floor beats from drummer Laurence and pumping, thumping bass from resident bass-man Wes (plus his split signal double-amp bass rig adding in some smashing effects more commonly heard on guitar).

Recently the boys unleashed a brand new single 'Ze Empire', and lucky for us they also released a hilarious clip to go with it: 'Ze Empire' follows a day in the life of comical rogue (and dad-bod aficionado) Bob McSplooge as he unwittingly gains an empire and erupts on an adventure with his dog and a mysterious child. It's a whacky, fun journey that boldly showcases the group's inherent ability to inject a sense of humour into their tightly crafted tunes - and it's an insanely good time.

Mayhem For Mary will be bringing some merriment to a secret Brisbane location on the 30th of September, with the promise of more upcoming gigs to be announced soon. In the meantime, check out the clip for 'Ze Empire' below:

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