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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Bankrupt // ARTIST Silverstein

If you look up "explosive" or "ferocious" in the dictionary, chances are you'll find the raw and blisterning new track Bankrupt from Canadian rockers Silverstein churning out a bone-shattering ode to frustrations and ferocity in truly magnetic fashion.


Renowned for their explosive take in the post-hardcore, indie rock and emo realms, Silverstein have remained a steadfast fixture in the musical world since first erupting onto the scene back in the early 2000s. And while the band have steadily risen through the underground for just over two decades now with their forward-thinking composition capturing hearts all over the globe along the way, it's entirely fitting that 2021 finds the quintet celebrating their 20th anniversary and outputting some of their most prolific material yet, with their brand new track Bankrupt finding the group at their angriest and heaviest; and brawling angst certainly wears well on this lot.

Laden with caustic riffs, relentless rhythmics and a spitfire vocal outing, Bankrupt may present as a pummeling powerhouse heavy on style; but this ain't just all thunderous razzle dazzle, with Bankrupt squarely shining a light on some of the most prolific and devastating social issues that have plagued and/or risen to the forefront during the tumultuous year that was 2020.


“I don’t know how to feel anything but rage anymore. The rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. Wages are stagnant, tuition costs are rising, jobs are being automated/off-shored, costs of a home are laughable in most major cities. The walls feel like they’re closing in and escape is starting to feel impossible. Two-faced leaders and greedy elected officials line their pockets while stripping funding for the programs that we actually need. What are we supposed to do now? Looking out for one another on a community level is good, but changing a crooked system is better.”. - Paul Marc Rosseau, Silverstein guitarist + songwriter


A sharp and searing take on the moral bankruptcy running rampant in the world, Silverstein have also simultaneously leveled up beyond measure, reiterating their status as an ongoing staple in the heavy music scene while also showcasing their fevered sonic expansion as they cascade beyond a solid two decades of existence. This is Silverstein as we have never seen them so far; a fact made even more impressive given their extensive history and occasional forays into the poppier and more emotive landscapes seen on some of their earlier releases. The 2021 edition of Silverstein are mad as hell, and it is a shade of red that certainly looks and sounds good on this lot. Go check out the new track and the staggering accompanying music clip below for Bankrupt, and keep an eye out for more to come from Silverstein in the not-too-distant future.






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