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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Cut The Ties // ARTIST Skyway

Following months of spicy speculation, Gold Coast pop punk icons Skyway have officially leapt back to life armed with the news of a brand new EP on the horizon, as well as a rollicking new tune that'll have you reaching for your best shorts and flannels.


The year was 2008, and a thumping band of Goldy kids burst onto the Aussie music scene, with Skyway swiftly becoming a staple in their four short years of existence. From sharing stages with the likes of Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction, Frenzal Rhomb and All Time Low to name but a few, Skyway also found themselves anointed as one of the country's most revered pop-punk exports, thanks largely to their now-iconic releases, including albums Take These Days (2010) and Finders Keepers (2011) and their blitzing EP Nauseating Suburbia which cemented the group's international status. A career as fast and as furious as some of their tunes, Skyway's reign from 2008 - 2012 is that of legend; but following years of different creative pursuits, careers and families, the Skyway gents found their way back together, and following a cryptic social media post last year, the group have officially announced the release of a new EP Hope Floats, Love Sinks next month - and a brand new tune Cut The Ties to sink your teeth into in the meantime,

Retaining the gleeful grunt and frolicking bite of their past ways, Cut The Ties instantly picks up from the near-decade gap between tunes from the Skyway camp. And while the caustic riffs, vocals and pummeling beats all ultimately make the cut, there's also a sense of cultivated control lurking beneath the surface of Skyway 2.0, with the band flexing some sharp polish and measured maturity amid the almighty ruckus playing out on the track, alongside some hard-hitting narratives.

"(Cut The Ties) touches on the way we disconnect from the things that we know aren't good for us, whether that means relationships, addictions, and the like. Sometimes it's hard to let go even when we are in pain or know inside that something isn't right." - Dan McMaster, vocals

While the world may look and sound dramatically different since the last time Skyway graced our airwaves, time has not wearied this riotous bunch, and a punch of pop punk nostalgia from a group who are eternally at the top of their game may just be what the doctor ordered. Go wrap your ears around Cut The Ties below, and keep your eyes out for a heap more noise from this lot in the very near future (plus, check out pre-order info right HERE for the new EP!)






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