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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Holly // ARTIST Kookshill

Newcastle indie rockers Kookshill continue to charm with their jaunty grit firmly on display on their latest track Holly which unveiled earlier this month.


With a run of shows before and amongst the ongoing COVID palaver, including supports for Boo Seeka, Thundamentals, The Gooch Palms and most recently Lime Cordiale, Newy quartet Kookshill have certainly settled in nicely to the rockin' world since unleashing onto the scene back in 2018. And with the lads sitting pretty on half a million streams on Spotify alone for their 2018 breakout track The Ride (which was commissioned for Love Island, and also nabbed a signing with UK label Frty Fve), 2021 sees Kookshill embolden their blazing rock tendencies, served with a sliver of zesty pop.

From the soaring vocals and splashy riffs in its chorus to the chipper verses offering some stark, infectious grooves, Holly is Kookshill having an absolute Catfish and The Bottlemen moment; but with their own smouldering twist. Offering a festival-ready ditty worthy of giant crowds and sun-soaked stages, Holly is proof the Aussie indie rock scene is alive and well after the year from hell - go give it a spin below!






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