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  • Tiana Speter



SINGLE Truth // ARTIST Fingerless

When it comes to Brissie quartet Fingerless, the ultimate truth is that this is a group deliciously undefinable, leaping from futuristic folk pop to medieval murk in a single and effortless bound. And now this bunch are back with a smoky new tune, as the noir-esque Truth leaps out into the world today.


Curling in with a smoky swagger, the brand new track Truth from Brissie band Fingerless furthers the stylistic defiance and deep exploration this woozy quartet have become incresingly renowned for. Like a psychedelic shot of whiskey in a velvet suit, Truth captures a blues-soaked universe, partly inspired by the Dashiell Hammett novel The Continental Op and a desire to capture the live energy of the band on the recording.

"We wanted this recording to sound like our live performances, not an overproduced, technically-accurate studio recording. So we recorded the backing track live with no click track, and then just overdubbed the vocals and a few finishing touches" - Marc Cheeseman, singer/guitarist

Also drawing on the kooky strategies embraced by Beatles drum-lord Ringo Starr, Fingerless drummer Jonny Pickvance amassed an eclectic collection of undies, XXXX bar mats, shirts and socks in-studio, strategically placing his items on the drum kit to achieve the final sound.

Having recently explored more sci-fi sonic territories on their recent tune Sympathetic Love, Truth dives into more cinematic waters absolutely crawling with synths, bluesy riffs and psychedelia that'll have you reaching for the whiskey bottle on a dark winter's night.

Fingerless have officially unleashed their brand new sonic baby today via the legendary 4000 Records, and you can go grab a listen right now below!






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