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  • Tiana Speter

GIG REVIEW: THE LOCKHEARTS (Frankie's Pizza, Feb 2017)

BAND: The Lockhearts VENUE: Frankie's Pizza DATE: 18th February, 2017​ Fresh from telling The Man that lockout laws suck earlier in the day, Sydney rock-n-rollers The Lockhearts emerge from behind the famous Frankie's Pizza red curtain with a whole lotta buzz. Sadly due to Sydney's other soul-crushing realities (traffic and parking), I arrive after Japanese Death Machine and Melbourne's CHILD have rocked out - but I am assured they were jaw-breakingly good.

In a wave of hair and riffs, The Lockhearts have the crowd eating out of their sassy hands early, and with good reason: this pack of rascals are practically an institution at Frankie's Pizza, and the crowd are not only grooving along - they know every word to every damn song.

It's an evening of pumping riffs and soaring vocals, culminating in the anthemic track 'Low' that stomps so hard there will probably be a few minor holes in the floor at Frankie's thismorning. And just when you think you've heard every good cover, frontman Tim Meaco announces that they'd prepared "half" a cover song, before launching into a very epic rendition of Childish Gambino's banger 'Redbone' (and true to their word, the track ends halfway through - but they seriously nail it).

Despite any minor hiccups, there's something infectiously engaging about The Lockhearts - whether they're flaunting their bandmate bromance or inviting bald hecklers onto the stage, it's just the right amount of debauchery and good old fashioned rock and roll - and honestly, what more could you want on a Saturday night?


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